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The Wells family poses together on their land.

A Family Tradition of Conservation Continues In Hopkinton and Henniker with Donation to Forest Society

July 22, 2024

Bob and Binney Wells, Hopkinton residents since 1971, have long been interested in land conservation. In 1984, they donated a conservation easement to the Forest Society that protected 119 acres in Hopkinton/Henniker. But that was just the beginning.

The pavilion at Bretzfelder Park in summer.

Bretzfelder Park Summer Family Educational Series Kicks Off August 7 in Bethlehem

July 18, 2024

The Society for the Protection of NH Forests and Bretzfelder Park Committee offer the free educational series twice a year.

Chris, Dave, and Sy talk about animals during their visit.

Something Wild: Sy & the orphaned hummingbirds

Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt, Dave Anderson | July 17, 2024

Her admiration for hummingbirds is evident: "They're the lightest birds in the sky. They're just full of air — they're just a bunch of lungs. They're like most birds; their feathers are hollow, their bones are hollow."

Jennings Forest as seen from above in spring with thunder clouds.

Elisabeth Maley, Daughter of Ellen Jennings, Donates 314-Acre Addition to Jennings Forest in New Durham

June 12, 2024

Jennings Forest expands with a gift of land from Elisabeth Maley.

A view of Lane River in spring as it flows through South Sutton.

Something Wild: Trout are Made of Trees

Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt, Dave Anderson | June 4, 2024

"What I think is so cool about this one spot here is it illustrates how important diversity is in our stream systems, just in terms of the flow of the water, the size of the rocks or the sand, and how it creates the habitat for fish and insects in the stream." - John Magee

Young forest regrowing from a previous harvest

Something Wild: Extreme weather is both a disaster and an opportunity

Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt, Dave Anderson | May 6, 2024

You may have heard the song of winter wrens in the spring woods lately.

A time lapse of the eclipse as seen from Pine Mountain Alton.

Something Wild: How might animals react during the total solar eclipse? (with update from post-eclipse!)

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | April 9, 2024

Since it’s so rare, we don’t know what to expect from birds or other wildlife, but we can set aside the idea that animals make a plan or have some innate knowledge for how to respond when the moon suddenly blocks out the sun.