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A view through green leaves in a forest.

Legislation Introduced in U.S. Senate to Establish New Forest Conservation Program

Matt Leahy | August 23, 2023

The purpose of the program is to keep forests as forests through the use of conservation easements that purchase development rights from willing private and tribal landowners to prevent conversion to non-forest uses.

A view through green leaves in a forest.

Detecting Change in Conservation: The Value of Remote Sensing

January 27, 2023

Forest Society Director of Easement Stewardship Naomi Brattlof speaks with Conservation Finance Network.

Wildflowers in Our Backyards

Stacie Hernandez | May 26, 2020

Spring ephemeral is the term used for many of New Hampshire's wildflowers that show off in the spring and then move on to a different life cycle where they wither away back underground after going through a reproductive phase. The short definition is growing over a short amount of time.

Volunteers and staff standing in front of trees

Volunteer Easement Monitoring Program Expands

February 25, 2020

To help the Easement Stewardship team monitor thousands of acres of conservation properties, the Volunteer Easement Monitoring Program (VEMP) was started in 2016. Since then, the program has been gradually expanding.