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A circular logo celebrating 20 year Anniversary of Cottrell-Baldwin lecture series

Spring Brings the Cottrell Baldwin Lecture Series: March 19- April 9

Dave Anderson | February 12, 2024

This year’s Cottrell-Baldwin Lecture Series will focus on forests young and old, fading winters, forest carbon and a range of durable local wood products in a time of increasing public concern for both forests and climate.

A volunteer holds a barred owl ambassador.

Bretzfelder Series Starts February 21 in Bethlehem

February 8, 2024

This free series is presented each year at Bretzfelder Memorial Park.


Forest Advocate: Help Shape the State's Climate Action Plan Priorities

Matt Leahy | February 5, 2024

A community meeting will be held at the Conservation Center on Feb. 12 and the public is invited.

Group photo on top of the hill in the shelterwood harvest

Peirce Timber Harvest Tour

Ben Aldrich | February 2, 2024

How foresters are managing sustainable forestry projects in a changing climate. 

Forest Advocate Legislative Update: Current Use bill

Matt Leahy | January 30, 2024

The Ways and Means Committee will be meeting in early February to vote on the bill. 

A bend in the Merrimack river lined with green trees from Stillhouse Forest.

Forest Advocate: Forest Society Supports Legislation to Limit PFAS in New Hampshire

Matt Leahy | January 30, 2024

The Forest Society joined with our partners in support of legislation that proposes to restricts the use of PFAS in certain consumer products sold in New Hampshire.

View of Mount Washington from the Maple Villa Glade on Bartlett Mountain

Something Wild: The Fir Wave Phenomenon and Other Challenges in NH's White Mountains

Chris Martin, Dave Anderson, Jessica Hunt | January 26, 2024

Forests growing at New Hampshire’s highest elevations in the White Mountains experience the most extreme conditions in the Northeast.