What We Accomplished Together in 2022

Jack Savage | December 27, 2022
Students pose with shovels after planting trees

Students from Broken Ground School helped plant Mulberry trees at the Merrimack River Outdoor Education & Conservation Area in April.

Thank you for supporting our mission to keep forests as forests in 2022.

With your help, we completed 12 land protection projects, encompassing nearly 2,200 acres. We also continued to protect & care for more than 190 forest reservations and 790 Forest Society-held conservation easements —  that's over 190,000 acres to care for! These natural spaces provide habitat for wildlife, protect clean water, and capture and store carbon. The forests will be responsibly managed forever.

For more highlights from 2022, you can watch the slideshow below or directly on YouTube.


On behalf of the Forest Society's staff and board of directors, have a very happy New Year!