Students Harvest Christmas Trees They Planted in 2016

Anna Berry | December 16, 2022
Kids pull their harvested Christmas trees to take home from The Rocks.

For many years, The Rocks has partnered with nearby Bethlehem Elementary School for the Forevergreen Program.

Students get ready to harvest their Christmas trees.

Students begin the program in kindergarten by planting their own Christmas trees at The Rocks. Over the next seven years, the children learn all about how fir trees grow, how tree farmers care for their crops, and what types of wildlife benefit from the ecosystem created by tree farms.

The Forevergreen curriculum may be adapted by any school with access to a tree farm. Many students enjoy visiting their trees with family members, beyond the school outings, so it's beneficial to plant trees at a place accessible year-round.

This week, the school's 6th graders harvested the trees they planted in 2016 — just in time for Christmas!