The Rocks Welcomes 2022 School to Farm Day

Anna Berry, Sophie Oehler | May 27, 2022
A group of school children sit on the lawn while a man speaks to them

On May 25, The Rocks welcomed 70 students through the New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom (NHAITC) organization for a day of outdoors education. NHAIC aims to support awareness and appreciation for the food system and for natural systems by combining classroom education with lessons in agriculture, food and natural resources. These outings are called "School-to-Farm Days." Students from Bethlehem Elementary and Monroe Consolidated School spent the day at The Rocks reservation with staff learning about honey and maple production, the life cycle of a Christmas tree, forestry techniques, and livestock agriculture.

Three groups of fourth graders stand in a field while a woman with a cane speaks to them
Students from local schools spent the day outdoors at The Rocks. (Photo: Nigel Manley)

"It was an amazing day and the students really enjoyed learning at the property,” said the Forest Society’s Nigel Manley, director of North Country property. 

NHAIC hosts several School-to-Farm days for fourth graders in elementary schools across the county. Through hands on activities and live demonstrations with farmers and other field experts, students are able to get a taste of farm life and gain a greater understanding of where food and other natural resources come from. Topics of education include dairy production, vegetable production, and wool carding and spinning. 

A young girl uses an auger to create a hole in a piece of wood attached to a tree
The day included a demonstration on tapping a maple tree. (Photo: Nigel Manley)