Remembering The Old Man of the Mountain

Event in remembrance of the collapse of the Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia Notch

Dave Anderson | August 4, 2023
Green tablecloth tree ID display items at Old Man of Mountain event August 3

Tree identification and Forest Society history at Franconia Notch during the recent Old Man of the Mountain celebration

The recent event hosted by the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund on August 3, 2023 was in remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of the collapse of the Old Man of the Mountain from his perch on Cannon Cliff in Franconia Notch on May 3, 2003.  

Partnering organizations with historical and contemporary interests in the protection of Franconia Notch hosted exbibits as part of the family fun day and scavenger hunt including The Forest Society, The Museum of the White Mountains, The Appalachian Mountain Club, Dartmouth College Research at Cannon Cliff and The NH Geological Survey. 

text and logo on white background explain FS booth at Old Man event
Take a quiz to learn about NH trees

The Forest Society tent and table display included a NH tree identification quiz with a chance to win a rare, commemorative White Mountain National Forest quarter issued in 2011 for the centennial Anniversary of the Weeks Act legislation. Other displays included the statewide Forest Society lands map and exhibits and displays of tree rings and tree "cookies" as well as information and maps for suggested destinations for recreational trails and  hikes on Forest Society Reservations.


Visitors and summer tourists from near and far stopped by the Forest Society booth on the Old Man viewing platform to discuss the Protection of Franconia Notch by the Forest Society in 1926 and the history and demise of the Old Man of the Mountains at the viewing plaza.  

Jane in red and Dave in blue stand with historical sign for Old Man Mountains
Jane Difley of Old Man Legacy Fund and Dave Anderson clowning around

The Forest Society and other organizations set up tents and displays on the shore of Profile Lake adjacent to the plaque which commemorates the protection of Franconia Notch.

It was fun to greet the public and some close friends of the Forest Society in the spirit of remembering The Old Man of the Mountain.

A great sprit of camaraderie and fun on a beautiful summer day in Franconia Notch!