Rek-lis "Rocks Red Ale" Pays Tribute to The Rocks

Anna Berry | August 9, 2023
The Rocks
A pint of Rocks Red Ale sits on a stool in front of the renovated barn.

Rocks Red Ale will be served at the Forest Society's Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 23. (Photo courtesy of Rek-lis)

A new brew at a beloved Bethlehem brewery pays tribute to an iconic North Country treasure — The Rocks — just in time for the grand re-opening on September 23.

Rek-lis Brewing Company Owners Ian Dowling and Marlaina Renton recently shared news of the collaboration, which also includes a donation to the Forest Society North project.

"If you have been to Bethlehem, you know about The Rocks. An iconic location in the North Country that embodies New England traditions. From a gorgeous tree farm to wonderful nature trails, The Rocks is a place that has created memories for locals and people around New England. After the fire that burned down one of their iconic red barns a few years ago, it has been a long road to rebuilding The Rocks. In support and recognition we have brewed Rocks Red ale with spruce tree tips. A delicious ale that tastes like good ole New England!"

Nigel Manley, senior outreach director for The Rocks, added:

"John Glessner, the original owner of The Rocks, ran a state of the art farm with buildings designed by Chicago architects. The buildings were functional as well as aesthetic in nature.

The color that Glessner's buildings were painted was Rocks Red with green windows. To keep with the historical tradition the newly renovated building is true to these colors."

A view of the Carriage Barn under construction this summer.
The 1884 Carriage Barn was recently restored to "Rocks Red" as part of the ongoing renovation process. (Photo: Shanna Hale)

Rocks Red Ale is currently on tap at Rek-lis in downtown Bethlehem. Rocks Red Ale will be also served at the Forest Society's Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 23 and at the Something Wild free family fun day at The Rocks on Sunday, October 1.