Public Hearing Scheduled on Nash Stream State Forest ATV Trail

Matt Leahy | August 17, 2020
green trees and forest surrounding parted view of foggy distant green mountains

On August 20, starting at 9:30 AM, the New Hampshire Council on Resources and Development (CORD) will hold a remote public hearing on the status of the Kelsey Notch ATV Trail in the Nash Stream State Forest. 

The Forest Society has a special connection to the Nash Stream State Forest, starting with our participation in the 1988 effort that led to the State’s acquisition of the property. In 2016, we joined with our conservation partners at the Nature Conservancy and the Appalachian Mountain Club to press CORD to review the status of the Kelsey Notch Trail.

In December of that year, CORD authorized a temporary three-year approval of the trail subject to several conditions. Now that the three year trial period has ended, CORD must determine the final status of the Kelsey Notch Trail. It will make one of three choices:

  • That the use of ATVs and UTVs on Kelsey Notch Trail is consistent with the state law (RSA 162–C:6) governing CORD’s responsibilities for managing public lands acquired the Land Conservation Investment Program.
  • That such is not consistent with RSA 162–C:6 and therefore the trail shall be closed down.
  • That CORD needs additional information to make this decision. 

The vote on this decision will take place at a future CORD meeting. The Forest Society, TNC and AMC will submit joint testimony requesting CORD close the trail for ATV/UTV use. We would encourage others who share our concerns to also raise their voices. The full meeting packet can be found here