Plan for Forest Society North at The Rocks meets another milestone

Anne Truslow | January 20, 2021
Carriage House at The Rocks

The Carriage Barn at The Rocks dates back to 1884.

On January 13, the Bethlehem Planning Board approved the Forest Society’s plans to renovate the 1884 Carriage Barn at The Rocks as a new program and visitor center. (Read an article in the Caledonian Record about the decision.)Powered by geothermal and solar, the building will retain its grand stone and shingle exterior while providing beautiful classroom and exhibit space, a gift shop and event space, and offices for Forest Society staff.

The building renovation is the central element of a multi-phased plan to re-envision The Rocks as an accessible community resource and public event space, continue as a working Christmas tree farm and sustainable forest, and expand as a center for forest exploration, conservation, and stewardship practice.

An architectural drawing of the renovation of the Carriage Barn.
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Next milestone? Our goal is to raise another $1.5 million by April 2021 in order to begin the Carriage Barn renovation in the Fall of 2021. More than $3.5 million is already committed to the project, but we must meet the $5 million mark in order to proceed this year. 

For more information on the Campaign for the Forest Society North at The Rocks, please contact Anne Truslow at or 603-224-9945.