Memories Made at the Rocks

February 15, 2019
Forest Society members enjoy a tractor-drawn wagon ride at our 1978 Annual Meeting at The Rocks.

Forest Society members set off for a tractor drawn wagon ride in front of the Tool Building at our 1978 Annual Meeting at The Rocks. Photo: Forest Society Archives.

Following the fire that destroyed the historic Tool Building and former Electric Plant used as a gift shop at the Rocks, messages and comments came streaming in. It is clear the Rocks holds a great deal of meaning to many people far and wide. Here's a small selection of comments showing the memories people have made at the Rocks. Any are welcome to share their story or favorite memory on the Rocks' Facebook here.

A Familiar Place...

"I go to the Rocks Estate just about every day to walk my dog and enjoy the special surroundings and historical significance. Very saddened by this tragedy. Would like to help in anyway I can. Thinking of you Nigel, the staff, and our community. Such a sad loss." - Alan Rashkin

"l grew up across the street and worked there for over a decade, what a beautiful and wonderful place. My thoughts go out to Nigel, SPNHF and the whole crew, what a heartbreaking loss for the states history, the town of Bethlehem and everyone involved. That building will always have a special place in my heart, I learned and grew so much on those grounds. The experiences I had and the the life lessons i learned there made me the man I am today." - Morgan Knapton

"So many memories here, my daughters planting their rows of trees while attending Bethlehem kindergarten, getting trees every year, events and weddings and just wandering around a very special place." - Elizabeth Penney

Where Traditions Are Strong...

"This is a place our family has visited for close to 20 years for our annual Christmas tree and have many great memories and hope to continue making many more." - Chris DiMambro"
"We have been coming there every year for the last 15 years to cut down our family Christmas tree. We will continue to tradition at this beautiful location." - Danielle Marsden Johnson
"So sorry, we love The Rocks. We stop there in all seasons to walk around and enjoy the gardens and the view. It has become a tradition to get our wreath there every year." - Donna Dubnow

"So glad you are all ok and Nigels home was spared. I am a veteran and appreciate all you have done for the Trees for Troops program. You all do so much for your community." - Ayme Robinson

And Love Blossoms...

"So sad to hear this. We got married at the Rocks Estate and had the first dance with my wife in that building.... Our hearts go out to you but will always treasure the memories." - Jason Schuster

"Thankfully the fire can't destroy the memories. Our daughter's wedding there two years ago was beautifully done, not just the view but the accommodations and helpful staff. Hopefully there will be a new vision for the future. Our deepest condolences go to you all." Linda & Greg Brown

...And the Memories Last a Lifetime.

"I have so many wonderful memories of The Rocks Estate when I had the privilege of working (was never a job to me it was a lot of fun!) there in the summer of 85' when Ralph and Marilyn Shirley managed it." - Lori Willsey
"My heart breaks. I remember once when I was a very young girl- maybe 10 or 11 and telling Ralph I had nothing to do-he set me up with a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush to clean the oil spills from the tractors in the tool shed-needless to say, I never again told Ralph I had nothing to do." - Jane Batchelder Thomas.
"Frances Glessner was my great-grandmother. I spent summer and winter vacations here, and continue to visit every year. My heart is breaking for the loss of so much history." - Gail Batchelder