Legislative Action Alert: NH Senate to Consider Bill on Solid Waste Landfill Rules

Matt Leahy | April 18, 2022
NH State Capital Dome against blue sky, American and POW flag waving

The New Hampshire Senate will vote on Thursday, April 21 on House Bill 1454, legislation to set in statute a formula for determining the distance for which a new landfill shall be located from a perennial river, lake, or coastal water. The Forest Society supports this bill. 

HB 1454 passed the NH House of Representatives on March 16 but the outlook for its passage is very uncertain; the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has recommended the full Senate vote the bill as Inexpedient to Legislate meaning a majority of that committee believe the full Senate should kill the bill.

We urge readers to take action and email their Senator and ask them to support HB 1454.