Forest Advocate: Learn the Latest on NH's Climate Action Plan

Matt Leahy | May 21, 2024
A spring bud at Mt Major.

(Photo: Kate Wilcox)

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and New Hampshire Listens are hosting two online community engagement events in June, where they will share the new New Hampshire Priority Climate Action Plan, discuss readiness for potential implementation grants, and take input to inform the continuing process:

As you may recall, New Hampshire received federal Climate Pollution Reduction grant funding in 2023 to update its 2008 Climate Action Plan. The goals of the program are to reduce greenhouse gas pollution while creating good jobs and lowering energy costs for families; to accelerate empower community-driven solutions in low-income, disadvantaged communities; and, to reduce harmful air pollution in places where people live, work, play, and go to school.

The creation of the New Hampshire Priority Climate Action Plan is one of two phases of the process; a Comprehensive Climate Action Plan is due in 2025, and a status report is due in 2027. 

According to NHDES, the completion of the New Hampshire Priority Climate Action Plan is a prerequisite to allow our state to compete for $4.6 billion in implementation grants. The comprehensive plan, due in 2025, will build upon the information in the PCAP but will include more in-depth analysis of benefits, projections of future reductions, and more detailed study of future options for action. 

The New Hampshire Priority Climate Action Plan includes: "a summary of New Hampshire’s past and present greenhouse gas emissions; a detailed, state-level greenhouse gas inventory; a list of priority measures that could reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions; and an analysis of how those measures would benefit low-income, disadvantaged communities in the state."

To read the New Hampshire’s Priority Climate Action Plan, visit the NH DES site here.

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