Coffee and Connections at the Conservation Center

Concord Area Chamber of Commerce Holds Business Before Hours

July 1, 2019
Merrimack River Outdoor Education and Conservation Area at sunrise

Sunrise at the Forest Society's Merrimack River Outdoor Education and Conservation Area, just steps from the Conservation Center in Concord.

With the promise of adequate supplies of fresh brewed coffee, more than 50 members of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce attended the popular early morning Business BEFORE Hours networking series, hosted by the Forest Society, on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. President/Forester, Jane Difley welcomed guests from a variety businesses, organizations and non-profits in the Capitol region - some visiting the Conservation Center for the first time!

Business Before Hours with the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

Jane provided an overview of the Forest Society's mission of land protection, education, advocacy, forestry and stewardship - protecting New Hampshire's special places throughout the state, programs to educate the next generation of conservationists, advocacy for public policy that supports the state's forest economy and related issues, sustainably managed forestry on its reservations and monitoring lands in its care.

Jane spoke of the strong relationships the Forest Society has with business partners and local organizations who support the Forest Society's mission. She thanked those who have provided financial support for the Conservation Center and the Merrimack River Outdoor Education & Conservation Area - commonly known as the Floodplain - Merrimack Country Savings Bank, Northeast Delta Dental, St. Paul's School and the Kiwanis and the Rotary Clubs of Concord. 

Business Before Hours with the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

Senior Director for Education, Dave Anderson, shared we have hired Linden Rayton in a new position to enhance planning, partnerships and programs to help elevate the Floodplain as a setting for learning and attracting new and diverse community partnerships. 

Guests also joined tours of the Conservation Center led by Facilities Manager, Carl Murphy, to see the evolution of energy-conscious, passive solar design since 1980.

Business Before Hours with the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

Special thanks to Kathy Bacon, Membership Manager, Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce for helping to make this a great event. 

To learn more about 2019 program sponsorships or business memberships at the Forest Society, download our latest Business Partnership Opportunities and Business Membership brochures. Click here to see a current list of our Business Members.