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Special Projects
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Trees Not Towers (No Northern Pass)

A Campaign to Raise $2.5 Million to thwart Northern Pass

We're halfway home!

Every generation has a chance to create a legacy.

For every generation, there is a moment that defines us. A moment when we have a choice about what our legacy will be. A test of our willingness to stand up for our values.

Today is such a moment. Today the Society for the Protection of NH Forests has an opportunity to defend the state's greatest asset, our scenic working landscape, from the biggest threat of our generation.

The Forest Society is working with landowners in New Hampshire's North Country to permanently protect more than 2,000 acres of forests, fields and views through permanent conservation easements. These lands lie directly in the obvious intended path of Northern Pass, and thus disrupt the project's ability to move forward with that route.

McAllaster Farm
McAllaster Farm. Photo by Jerry and Marcy Monkman, EcoPhotography.

The McAllaster Farm, 1,000 acres including a working dairy farm, maple sugaring operation and certified Tree Farm, lies on the slopes of Mudgett Mountain in Stewartstown. A hiking and snowmobile trail climbs to the height of land, offering views east to Dixville Notch and the famed Balsams resort, west across Vermont and south all the way to Mount Washington on a clear day.

Along the ridge just west of the McAllaster Farm lies another 500 acres owned by Green Acre Woodlands. The property offers scenic views out to all four points of the compass. This easement will guarantee public access for hiking, hunting, bird watching and other recreational uses.

A third property, abutting the southern boundary of the Balsams in Columbia, NH, connects the now protected Balsams landscape to the state's Nash Stream Forest. The conservation easement on 300 acres will permanently protect more than a mile of frontage on Roaring Brook, which feeds the Mohawk River which flows into the Upper Connecticut River.

Additional landowners have come forward and agreed to enable us to permanently protect their properties from towers and transmission lines. If we are successful in raising the needed funds we will block the intended route of Northern Pass. Doing so is our best opportunity to save two-thirds of our state from this unnecessary blight.

These properties are reflective of a broader scenic landscape that is one of New Hampshire's greatest assets. And yet, incredibly, there are those who would carelessly despoil it, and in doing so threaten existing conserved lands across 180 miles of our state, including the White Mountain National Forest.

Northeast Utilities and PSNH want to build a private high-voltage transmission line for the exclusive use of Canada's mega-utility, Hydro Quebec.

Thirty communities have voted to oppose the Northern Pass proposal. Thousands of individuals have made their feelings clear to the governor and other elected officials—Northern Pass as proposed is not welcome in New Hampshire.

And yet still they persist, buying up forests and farms to convert to a power line corridor. Hydro Quebec wants to export more than four times the power represented by the Northern Pass proposal. If we permit the corridor to be built, we can only expect more towers and power lines in the future.

Today is the day to say no. Today is the day to create our legacy. These blocking actions clearly disrupt the intended route of the proposed Northern Pass project. We will continue to talk with other landowners, legislators, and our lawyers to pursue all options for permanently protecting New Hampshire's scenic landscape.

We need to raise $1.25 million to close these transactions. We are already more than halfway toward our overall $2.5 million fundraising goal, having received thousands of donations from residents of 191 New Hampshire towns. We will only reach our goal with your support and the support of all those who value New Hampshire's scenic landscapes.

Please make a generous donation to save our scenery and fight back against Northern Pass.

For more information, contact Susanne Kibler-Hacker at Susanne Kibler-Hacker email or 603-224-9945.

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