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Nh Everlasting

Changing Landscapes

New Hampshire is unusually well endowed with forests and sparkling waters. We enjoy walking, hiking, picnicking, hunting, and working on our lands. Products from the forests and farmland nourish and shelter us. Open space sustains our economy and our culture.

The landscapes of New Hampshire help define and enrich our quality of life.

Yet there are some startling trends that threaten all this. New Hampshire is the fastest growing state in the Northeast. Population growth and sprawling development are consuming open space and community character at a rapid rate. Researchers estimate that within the next 25 years, southeastern New Hampshire will be virtually built-out, meaning that all available land not conserved will be developed.

Our Vision

Collectively, we need to conserve one million acres of our most significant lands within the next 25 years.

The Forest Society envisions a living landscape where managed woodlands, farms and wild lands are woven into the fabric of community life. We envision people caring for lands that sustain dynamic communities with clean water and air, forest and agricultural products, habitat for native plants and animals, scenic beauty, good jobs, and recreational opportunities.

All of our land protection efforts over the next quarter century are focused toward achieving this vision. To read more about our specific goals and how you can help, click on one of the following documents:

New Hampshire Everlasting - a summary
New Hampshire Everlasting working proposal


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